Lena Visser

Lena Visser is a dancer based in Berlin, Germany. More

Wildwood Flowers,


White-scribbled masks– conceal, elongate, and make grotesque the faces of multiple female performers–They enact and present constructed, almost tribal identities; facing and circling one another, preparing as if to fight, taunting and teasing the viewer. In the process, the performers and their audience consider whether self re-invention is possible through the mask, through the appropriation of the other. A form of bizarre, Kabuki theater Wildwood Flowers deal with typical markers of identity—gender, age, race, and sexuality—by replacing them with a rougher and more brutal depiction of the early human.


“Wildwood Flowers, created and choreographed by Reut Shemesh, is a gripping, edgy, and evocative movement piece”. Inna Tsyrlin, Stage Buddy NYC

  • concept and choreography Reut Shemesh
  • Dance and creation Fa-Hsuan Chen, Marje Hirvonen, Lena Visser
  • Venue Jewish Museum, Berlin
  • Event opening of exhibition "res·o·nant" by artist Mischa Kuball
  • masks Mona Kakanj
  • music Nico Stallmann
  • production assistance Sabina Stücker