Lena Visser

Lena Visser is a dancer based in Berlin, Germany. More



In the production cycle “explorations and intervention” working on the impact of digitalization on democratic processes in society, tatraum projekte schmidt is now exploring the erosion process in which democracy is – the strengthening of the right parties, the restoration of borders in Europe, as well as the political and financial disputes of many European countries, dealing with refugees. A feeling of social disorientation is spreading.

“no politics or What We Want” asks about the meaning of the emotional, about passion as a motor of politics, as a positive force for political commitment and social changes. As the described mixture is not only regarded as a purely German but a European phenomenon, tatraum projekte schmidt is engaged in a temporary cooperation with European colleagues such as the British video artist Simon Fildes, three Hungarian performers and art quarter budapest.

  • By Tatraum Projekte Schmidt (D)
  • Premiere 24th August, 2017
  • Venue Art Gallery: Kunstraum Bilk
  • Direction & Choreography Michael Schmidt
  • Dance & Performance Miriam Gronau, Lena Visser, Adrián Castelló, Malin Gebken, Oliver Bedorf
  • Video Creation Simon Fildes, Cornelius Schaper
  • Music Composition Oliver Bedorf
  • Production Rolf Schulz
  • Management Alexandra Schmidt
  • Main supporters Kulturamt der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport NRW, Stiftung van Meeteren
  • Online http://www.tatraum.de